class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
object Implicits



implicit def infixOrderingOps[T](x: T)(ord: Ordering[T]): OrderingOps

This implicit creates a conversion from any value for which an implicit Ordering exists to the class which creates infix operations. With it imported, you can write methods as follows:

def lessThan[T: Ordering](x: T, y: T) = x < y
implicit def seqOrdering[CC <: ([X] =>> Seq[X]), T](ord: Ordering[T]): Ordering[CC[T]]

Not in the standard scope due to the potential for divergence: For instance implicitly[Ordering[Any]] diverges in its presence.

implicit def sortedSetOrdering[CC <: ([X] =>> SortedSet[X]), T](ord: Ordering[T]): Ordering[CC[T]]