trait TreeMap

Customizable tree mapper.


package scala.quoted
trait Snippet0 { self: runtime.QuoteUnpickler & scala.quoted.runtime.QuoteMatching &    scala.quoted.Quotes =>
  val QuoteUnpickler = self
  val QuoteMatching = self
  val Quotes = self
  trait Snippet1 { self: Quotes.reflect.type /*Quotes.reflectModule*/ &    Quotes.reflectModule =>
    val reflect = self
    val reflectModule = self
    trait Snippet2 { self: reflectModule.TreeMap =>
      val TreeMap = self
      class MyTreeMap extends TreeMap {
        override def transformTree(tree: Tree)(owner: Symbol): Tree = ???

Use Symbol.asQuotes to create quotes with the correct owner within the TreeMap.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def transformSubTrees[Tr <: Tree](trees: List[Tr])(owner: Symbol): List[Tr]
def transformTerm(tree: Term)(owner: Symbol): Term
def transformTerms(trees: List[Term])(owner: Symbol): List[Term]
def transformTree(tree: Tree)(owner: Symbol): Tree
def transformTrees(trees: List[Tree])(owner: Symbol): List[Tree]